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Used Ram 1500 for Sale Chicago, IL

Used Ram 1500 for Sale Chicago, IL

Finding the premier set of wheels to transform your work days and weekend adventures to the pinnacle of capability is as easy as tapping into our pre-owned lineup here at Used Cars of Chicago. We are here to redefine what it means to shop the automotive market by delivering easy-to-use tools that will project pickup trucks that adhere to your wants and needs right onto your screen. What better way to search for your Ram 1500 than the comfort of your own home with our online auto warehouse?

Check Out Certified Ram 1500 Pickup Trucks!

Ram 1500 Capability

Before we turn your attention toward our online assistance, let’s dive straight into what makes the Ram 1500 tick, and let you know the upgrades and features that are available when you begin shopping with us. With a 3.6L V6 engine thumping beneath the hood, you will also have the opportunity to upgrade to a 4.7L V8 engine along with a 5.7L HEMI V8 option to transform your time spent on the work site with some serious strength roaring at your discretion. We also offer plenty of different body styles like the Crew Cab, Quad Cab, Extended Cab, and many more to give you the perfect amount of space for your crew and their equipment. This ride will also have you decompressing after a long day on the job, thanks to the leather-appointed seating and booming sound system!


Online Features

Upon navigating to our home page and entering in some specifics about the Ram 1500 that you are interested in, you will promptly be sent to a screen filled with the Certified and One-Owner Ram 1500s that are in stock. Since we are your hub for dealerships all over the area, you will have the opportunity to set your vicinity to purveyors that are closer to you by toggling the mileage in the top left corner of your screen. Or, if you don’t mind traveling the distance to find the vehicle of your dreams, then by all means, search high and low! You will notice beneath each listing that we include a blurb about driving option so you can become more in tune with what each vehicle has in store like the mileage, trim level, and drivetrain. Be sure to take note of the dealership that it is located at, so when you confirm its availability, you know exactly where to go!

We Carry One-Owner Ram 1500 Vehicles

What is the Difference Between One-Owner and Certified Vehicles?

If you have never shopped for a pre-owned vehicle before and don’t know the difference between One-Owner and Certified models, we would be happy to fill you in with all of the details so there isn’t any gray area. When you go with the former, you will have rides that are usually from recent years that have been trusted by one sole driver. This can instill some extra confidence that it does not disappoint, and simply was borrowed as a lease for a few years. On the other hand, if you prefer an automobile that is right on the cusp of being new, then Certified Ram 1500 trucks will certainly be right up your alley. These driving options have received the green light from Ram, and have low mileage so you can take home a vehicle that is almost new.

Are you ready to see your used Ram 1500 for sale near Chicago, IL? Luckily, you can get more familiar today by searching through our inventory at Used Cars of Chicago!

Ram 1500 Capability