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What is the Difference Between a Used and a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

What is the Difference Between a Used and a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

As you navigate through your search for a new-to-you vehicle, you’ll likely notice the term 'certified pre-owned' come up. How do these vehicles differ from the average used car? We’re ready to answer at Used Cars of Chicago

Warranty Options

One of the main distinguishing elements of certified vehicle is the included warranty. The most common pre-owned vehicles are certified by the manufacturer who also backs the warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, mileage limits and terms can vary, so it’s important to learn more about the program details for the vehicle you are considering, such as Toyota or Honda. These warranties are attractive for many customers since they provide peace of mind after the paperwork has been signed and many also include features such as roadside assistance for a set period of time. In some cases a dealership may have their own certification program that applies to qualify pre-owned vehicles, usually based on the year and how many miles it has. 

Certification Process

Another difference between a certified pre-owned vehicle and non-certified one is the actual certification process. Again, the exact qualifications will vary depending on the manufacturer or the dealership program, but they all feature a thorough vehicle inspection. A manufacturer certified vehicle will have been reviewed by a certified technician to ensure there are no mechanical or exterior issues. Usually these inspections range from 150-200 features or points. Additionally, the vehicles themselves have to be within a certain year and mileage range. With a certified vehicle you’ll automatically know that it won’t be from the last decade or have multiple cross-country road trips under its belt. 

Find Used and Certified Pre-Owned Cars!

Exploring all of the certified vehicles from numerous makes and dealers is easier than ever with our comprehensive online inventory. All you have to do is select the Certified Vehicles section at the top of our website or select the filter within our inventory search page. You can then choose to scroll through hundreds of unique options or narrow down your selection further based on categories such as make, price range, included features, and more. We have a connection with dealers throughout the Chicagoland area, but you can decide how far you are willing to travel by selecting a mileage range and your zip code. 

What is the difference between a used and a certified pre-owned car? Now that you know the key details, start shopping for your ideal vehicle with our Used Cars of Chicago selection!